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Campaign Involvement

2017 Charity Partners in the Combined Federal Campaign,

Thank you for participating in the year’s campaign!  The work of charities and federations empowers and inspires the generosity of Federal employees and we are so happy to join with you in making this year’s campaign a success.

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the only authorized charitable giving drive for employees in the Federal workplace and the CFC is one of the largest charitable workplace giving programs in the world.  The Sunshine Combined Federal Campaign (Zone 022) is the local campaign for Federal employees in southern Florida, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Island. Through the collective contributions of civilian and military Federal employees, the campaign generated millions in pledges for participating local, national, and international charities in 2016.

Throughout the campaign, charities may have the opportunity—via kickoffs, charity fairs, speaking opportunities, etc.—to meet directly with campaign leaders and generous Federal employees. These activities provide charities the opportunity for visibility across the CFC donor base. Charities that wish to participate in Charity Outreach Program activities in any one or our managed areas must fill out the linked form.

                                                              Online Registration Form: click here

Want to view the 2017 Southeast Tri-State CFC, Zone 021, Approved Charity Listing (Click here to see the PDF file)